LNPI Brings You the Best from Organic Palms in Liberia

Our Company

Established in 2022, we are a reputable organic palm oil producing company, founded by four Industry Experts, located in Sinoe, Liberia. As sustainable producers, we strictly adhere to environmental and social criteria and make every possible effort to minimise the impact of deforestation on the environment and on Liberian communities in the palm oil-producing region.

Organic Crude Palm Oil Production

We produce Organic Crude Palm Oil, following international standards and continuously strive to improve our 3,500 hectares of Palm oil estate, while safeguarding HCV designated sites. We have a huge commitment towards the prosperity of Liberia and Liberians.

Our aim is to have a full-fledged mill in operation by 2023, with future plans to have Organic Crude Palm Kernel oil production, as well.

Our Commitment

Long-term and Sustainable Growth lie at the core of our values, and we believe in building and preserving respectful and amicable relationships with the environment and local communities.

We are also in progress to set-up a smallholder program in the isolated towns surrounding our plantation, to provide employment & educational opportunities and improve medical assistance to some of Liberia’s poorest regions.


To be the world’s best and most sustainable palm oil producer, while assisting in the long-term sustainable development of Liberia.


To be leaders in the realm of organic palm oil production by insisting on the International & Agrotechnology standards.

Core values

LNPI is guided by the principles of

  • QUALITY to build loyalty
  • INTEGRITY to build mutual respect
  • SUSTAINABILITY to ensure longevity

LNPI strives to make a positive impact in the community, society and environs, where it is present.


Uday Pilani

Uday Pilani

LNPI’s Chairman and Independent Director hails from India and has extensive expertise and experience in the field, as he spearheaded all Nigerian estates of SIAT (a Belgian agro-industrial company specialised in industrial and smallholder plantations) as Group Managing Director for 7 years. Apart from administering and managing 35,000 hectares of palm plantations, he has held the CEO post across diverse businesses in his 25+ years career. He is also the proprietor and investor in Konnex Investment Limited.

Pieter Van Dessel

Pieter Van Dessel

LNPI’s CEO and Executive Director possesses 15+ years of intensive experience as an Agricultural Engineer in Africa that includes 5+ years as COO of SIAT (a Belgian agro-industrial company specialised in industrial and smallholder plantations). He was also the General Manager of Goldtree Limited in Sierra Leone, responsible for over 8000 smallholders in an RSPO Organic Oil Palm plantation. Before dedicating himself for the growth of LNPI, he served as COO for Golden Veroleum Liberia.

Pascal Fourmond

Director - Head of Sales
Pascal Fourmond

LNPI’s independent director Pascal has over 15 years of intensive and extensive experience specialising in trading Palm Oil goods globally, with a focus on Africa. The founder of Oleo Synergies in 2005, he has also been a valuable contributor to the creation of smallholder support programmes in West Africa.

John Collie

Director and COO
John Collie

LNPI’s executive director has participated in numerous large-scale mining and building projects. He previously served as Operations Manager at Goldtree Ltd from 2013 until 2020. He currently resides in Sierra Leone with this family, and has been there since 2005.